FireGuard E-84 Intumescent Coating

Cost and time-effective fireproofing solutions for various construction assemblies. Easy and quick to apply to a wide range of substrate materials, these intumescent and fire-retardant solutions minimize flame spread, smoke production, and structural damage.

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FireGuard E-84 Intumescent Coating is more cost-effective than other solutions without sacrificing protection (as low as $0.75 per square foot). Water-based and non-toxic, this fire-retardant, fire-resistant coating is applied just like standard paints (by rolling, brushing, or spraying) and can create a fire-rated wall for your structure in as little as two coats.

FireGuard E-84 can be easily applied to: 
• Sheetrock
• Oriented strand board (OSB)
• Sheet metal
• PVC 
• Steel
• Interior woods
• Exterior woods 

It has been tested and listed by Guardian Fire Testing Laboratories, Inc and is certified for achieving endurance and flame spread ratings on various assemblies and substrates. For increased protection, use with ForceField FireGuard Z-1 Tie-Coat.

Formulated to Meet Test Standards

UL 263 / UL 723 / ASTM E-119 / ASTM E-84 / ASTM E-2768/ UL 10B
NFPA: 251 / NFPA: 255 / NFPA: 703 / NFPA: 252
ULC S101 / ULC S102 / UBC 8.1 / UL 1715 / UBC 26-3 / UBC 7-1
Alberta Fire Code Article

FireGuard E-84 Is Perfect for a Wide Variety of Surfaces and Assemblies

Wood and Gypsum Floor/Ceiling and Wood Roof Assemblies
1-hour Floor/Ceiling Assembly: FC1 | FC2 | FC3 | FC6  | FC7 | FC8 
2-hour Floor/Ceiling Assembly: FC4 | FC9
1-hour Wood Rafter Floor Assembly: FW1 | FW2 | FW3 | FW4 | FW5 | FW6 | FW7 | FW8 | FW9 | FW12
2-hour Wood Rafter Floor Assembly: FW10 | FW11
1-hour Roof Assembly: R1

Wall Assemblies
1-hour Wall Assemblies (Wood Framed): W1 | W2 | W3 | W12
2-hour Wall Assemblies (Wood Framed): W4 | W5 | W6 | W7 | W8 | W9 | W10 | W11 | W13
1-hour Wall Assemblies (Steel Framed): S1 | S2 | S3
2-hour Wall Assemblies (Steel Framed): S4 | S5 | S6 | S7 | S8 | S9 | S10 | S11
1,2,3-hour Wall Assemblies (Masonry Concrete): CW1

Structural Steel Assemblies

1-hour Steel Column and Beam: ST1 | ST3 | ST5 | ST7 | ST9 | ST10 | ST11 | ST13 | ST15 | ST17 | ST19 | ST20
2-hour Steel Column and Beam: ST2 | ST4 | ST6 | ST8 | ST12 | ST14 | ST16 | ST18

1-hour/2-hour Intumescent Patch for Cementitious fireproofing: P1

Structural Steel and Concrete Assemblies
1-hour Steel and Concrete Assembly: ASM-1-1 | ASM-1-2 | ASM-1A | ASM-1B | ASM-5 | ASM-6 | ASM-7 | ASM-8 | ASM-9
2-hour Steel and Concrete Assembly: ASM-2 | ASM-3 | ASM-4

Thermal Barrier Assemblies

Thermal Barrier: Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation: F1
Thermal Barrier: Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation: F2
Thermal Barrier: Rigid Foam Insulation: F3

Misc. Assemblies
1-hour Steel and Concrete Assembly: USF-Detail
20-Min Fire Rated Wood Door Assembly: D1

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