ForceField® FireGuard® for Fabrics Ready to Use

FireGuard for Fabrics is a flame-retardant treatment that is easily and safely applied to a variety of different water safe surfaces, including clothing, household fabrics, upholstery, paper products, and carpets and rugs.



ForceField® FireGuard™ is a revolutionary, water based, flame retardant treatment for drapes, carpets, clothing furniture, and rugs.  The product has been tested and meets the standards established by National Fire Protection Association (Test NFPA 701).  FireGuard’s™ ability to retard flames results from its organic ammonium salt formulation. When exposed to heat or flame this salt generates an inert gas to blanket the surface. This blanket of gas prevents oxygen for reaching the surface so flames cannot form.

Designed for fabrics that have not been treated with water proofing stain protection.

Formulated to Meet Test Standards

NFPA 701
CalFire 1237.1
CalFire Registration C-25401


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