Shaw® TOTALCARE® GREEN Carpet Stain & Soil Remover – Concentrate



TOTALCARE® “Green” Carpet STAIN & SOIL Remover is U.S. E.P.A. approved for its DfE Design for the Environment Program, recognizing safer chemistry. In addition to being environmentally friendly this formula provides superior cleaning power and is approved for use on both commercial and residential stain resistant carpet, rugs, wool, and water safe fibers.  TOTALCARE® “Green” Carpet STAIN & SOIL Remover can remove the toughest soils and stains, even old stains will come clean. Beyond its ability to effectively clean, what makes TOTALCARE® “Green” Carpet STAIN & SOIL Remover so special is that it provides protection against reoccurring spots. There is no need to rinse after use as this product leaves carpet fibers soft, never stiff or sticky. TOTALCARE® “Green” Carpet STAIN & SOIL Remover is formulated for superior performance as a spot cleaner, pre-spray extraction cleaner, or as an interim product for the encapsulation process.

Where To Find Our Products​

Our consumer products are available through specialty retailers, such as Linens n' Things, Hancock Fabrics, Calico Corners, Joanns Fabrics, Home Depot, Top US Furniture Retailers, and hundreds of other retail outlets. The industry leaders in both commercial and industrial settings use Shield’s products.

The products offered by Shield Industries are marketed under the registered brand name ForceField®.

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