ForceField® SoilBlaster™ Pro Concentrate

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SoilBlaster™Pro, our premium product is the finest carpet and fiber cleaner on the market today.  Formulated for professional use, SoilBlaster™ Pro removes the toughest soils and stains from water-safe materials; even old stains come clean. C.R.I and Woolsafe approved.

Most cleaning solutions are based upon cationic chemistry, that is, they contain positively charged cleaning agents. Although they may clean with varying degrees of success, they leave behind a positively charged residue. This residue acts like a magnet, and attracts soils and dirt (which are negatively charged); causing re-soiling of the area. SoilBlaster™Pro  is different. By combining specially selected nonionic and anionic surfactants with our unique fluorocarbon anti-soiling chemistry, it protects as it cleans. SoilBlaster Pro™ is a three in one cleaner (pre-spray/traffic lane/detergent for extraction equipment). SoilBlaster™ Pro is perfect for use as interim cleaner for commercial applications.

Where To Find Our Products​

Our consumer products are available through specialty retailers, such as Linens n' Things, Hancock Fabrics, Calico Corners, Joanns Fabrics, Home Depot, Top US Furniture Retailers, and hundreds of other retail outlets. The industry leaders in both commercial and industrial settings use Shield’s products.

The products offered by Shield Industries are marketed under the registered brand name ForceField®.

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