ForceField® Odor Blaster™ for Fabrics

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OdorBlaster™ is a powerful deodorizer that actually chemically binds itself to the odor, neutralizing it and rendering it odorless.

OdorBlaster™ uses a specially modified organometallic salt that surrounds and binds to the most common odor causing chemical molecules, encapsulating the odor.  This effectively and permanently eliminating the ability of molecules to be smelled. Unlike other fabric fresheners, OdorBlaster™ for Fabrics will not attract soil after spraying and it does not leave an offensive fragrance that last for days.

Where To Find Our Products​

Our consumer products are available through specialty retailers, such as Linens n' Things, Hancock Fabrics, Calico Corners, Joanns Fabrics, Home Depot, Top US Furniture Retailers, and hundreds of other retail outlets. The industry leaders in both commercial and industrial settings use Shield’s products.

The products offered by Shield Industries are marketed under the registered brand name ForceField®.

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