Anderson Tuftex® Hard Surfaces Flooring Cleaner



ANDERSON TUFTEX™ HARD SURFACES FLOOR CLEANER is U.S. E.P.A. approved for its DfE Design for the Environment Program, recognizing safer chemistry. This environmentally friendly hard surface cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning all types of hard surface flooring including Hardwoods (with polyurethane finish), Ceramics, Laminate and Vinyl Flooring. It is ideal for removing dirt, grease, and scuffs. Leaves floors sparkling clean with no sticky or dulling residue. This product is designed to be used at full strength as packaged. There is no need to rinse this product.

While other cleaners can clean with varying degrees of success, they may leave behind a residue. This residue can act like a dirt magnet and attract soils and dirt, causing re-soiling of the area. ANDERSON TUFTEX™ HARD SURFACES FLOOR CLEANER is different by combining specially selected nonionic and anionic surfactants with our unique anti-soiling chemistry, ANDERSON TUFTEX™ HARD SURFACES FLOOR CLEANER is able to clean floors while leaving a protective treatment on the surface and eliminating the soil attracting residues that other cleaners can leave behind. Because of this, it helps floors to stay cleaner, longer.

Both our cleaners boast a Cradle to Cradle Certified™ formula, prioritizing both your health and the environment’s well-being. We’re dedicated to sustainability, promoting one clean floor at a time.

*Not suitable for unfinished/unsealed or waxed floors

Where To Find Our Products​

Our consumer products are available through specialty retailers, such as Linens n' Things, Hancock Fabrics, Calico Corners, Joanns Fabrics, Home Depot, Top US Furniture Retailers, and hundreds of other retail outlets. The industry leaders in both commercial and industrial settings use Shield’s products.

The products offered by Shield Industries are marketed under the registered brand name ForceField®.

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