Water-Based, Flame-Retardant Treatment for Fabrics

FireGuard for Fabrics

FireGuard for Fabrics is a flame-retardant treatment that is easily and safely applied to a variety of different water safe surfaces, including clothing, household fabrics, upholstery, paper products, and carpets and rugs.

Formulated to Meet Test Standards

NFPA 701
CalFire 1237.1
CalFire Registration C-25401

How FireGuard for Fabrics Works to Stop the Spread of Flames

FireGuard for Fabrics uses revolutionary technology to provide an easy, spray-on fireproofing treatment to a variety of materials. Its organic ammonium salt formulation causes an acidic catalysis to occur, which causes an inert gas to form. The inert gas blankets the surface of the treated material, preventing oxygen from forming at the fuel source and stopping the formation of flames.

How to Apply and Use FireGuard for Fabrics

FireGuard for Fabrics can be applied on materials in homes, commercial and industrial buildings, and institutional structures. Items that can be treated include clothing, curtains and draperies, furniture and upholstery, paper products and crafts, carpets and rugs, and wall treatments; it can also be applied to natural, synthetic, and blended textiles. Not recommended for use on nylon.

FireGuard for Fabrics can be applied by spraying directly onto materials, or by dipping materials into the product. For extensive applications, FireGuard can be applied using a pump sprayer. Once materials are treated, allow to air dry.

This treatment should be reapplied after a treated surface has been washed, cleaned, or laundered. The coverage rate for this product will vary depending on the material it is being applied to; more absorbent materials will require more product. Recommended coverage is 200 to 500 square feet per gallon, or 8 to 20 sprays per square foot. A 22-ounce bottle of FireGuard for Fabrics will treat up to 88 square feet of materials.