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FireGuard E-84

Intumescent Coating

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FireGuard XL-95

Class A–Rated Protection
for Raw Wood

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FireGuard for Fabrics

Revolutionary Fire-Resistant
Fabric Treatment

When dealing with fire

every second counts

Immediately reducing smoke, stopping the spread of flames, and improving conditions for first responders is essential to saving lives in the event of a fire. Intumescent coatings and fire-resistant treatments make these critical life safety measures possible. All FireGuard products manufactured by Shield Industries are proven to provide passive fire protection for a variety of applications and have been tested to ASTM, NFPA, and UL standards.

FireGuard E-84 and FireGuard XL-95 are cost and time-effective fireproofing solutions for various construction assemblies. Easy and quick to apply to a wide range of substrate materials, these intumescent and fire-retardant solutions minimize flame spread, smoke production, and structural damage.  These products add no additional mass to existing building structures and the spray application allows for a smooth, even finish. FireGuard E-84 achieves a Class A extended rating and up to a 2-hour endurance rating on common assemblies, while FireGuard XL-95 achieves a Class A rating on raw wood applications. Both of these construction-grade FireGuard products meet ASTM, NFPA, and UL testing standards to provide an excellent fireproofing solution for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

The FireGuard product line includes a revolutionary fire-resistant treatment specifically designed for fabrics and upholstery. Providing protection against fire and the spread of smoke and flames, FireGuard for Fabrics can treat household fabrics, crafts, and upholstery. Available online and in retail stores, FireGuard for Fabrics is an environmentally friendly product that meets the standards set out by the NFPA 701 test method and Cal Fire 1237.1. This flame-retardant spray is an affordable way to protect and fireproof materials found in homes, schools, businesses, and other institutions.