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Our Concrete-Related Products are designed to replace hazardous acids which are used for various tasks in the concrete industry, or any industry that uses hazardous acids. Of these, the most commonly used is muriatic (also known as hydrochloric) acid which is often the most effective, but is one of the most hazardous as well. Other acids and acid-based mixtures are sometimes used, but are usually hazardous. The most popular Safe-React products are non-hazardous, non-fuming, and non-corrosive, yet function as well as hazardous acids in general for concrete work. Note the chart below that compares the concrete dissolving ability of Safe-React and commonly used acids.

  Concrete-Dissolving Comparison Chart

If you currently use a hazardous-acid product, you are probably looking for alternatives. We have many satisfied customers who were the same way. They were relieved to find a product that provides this level of performance with no fumes, less danger to workers, no storage or transport headaches, and is safer on valuable equipment surfaces! That is why we are confident you will want to try a small amount of one of our products to evaluate in your operation. We have several formulations to choose from. Select one for more specific information:

Cement-X Concrete Remover
Ready-to-Use Cleaner  
For maintenance removal of cement or concrete from trucks, tools, ships, rail cars, power trowels, etc.

Formula E (For Etching Concrete)
Direct Replacement for Muriatic Acid 
For preparing concrete surfaces for coatings or as a general replacement for muriatic acid including pH adjustment, lime and scale removal, etc.

Note - Our concrete-related products are designed to replace muriatic acid and muriatic acid-based cleaners. If you have never used these, you will not have a way to compare the effectiveness of our products. Non-experienced users (particularly when trying to remove unwanted concrete from other surfaces) may assume that means immediate, effortless results. The experienced user will know that no liquid product is capable of instant breakdown of thick layers of cured concrete. Even the strongest, most hazardous products require regular use to keep surfaces surfaces clean.  

We also offer an outstanding degreaser and multi-purpose cleaner for cleaning oil stains from concrete. Excellent for pressure washing or manual cleaning of most concrete surfaces:

GrimeBlaster All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

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