Passive Fireproofing Solution for Wood Applications

FireGuard XL-95

Utilizing revolutionary technology to provide a superior fire-retardant treatment for raw woods and decorative woodwork, FireGuard XL-95 is rated as a Class A Fire Retardant for Wood with a Flame Spread Index of 25 and a Low Smoke Developed Index of 165.

Formulated to Meet Test Standards

NFPA 255
UL 723

FireGuard XL-95 is a water-based, fire-retardant treatment that can be easily and safely applied to interior woodwork, wood paneling, and wood framing. In meeting the testing standards established by ASTM, NFPA, and UL, FireGuard XL-95 achieves the distinction of being a Class A Fire Retardant for use on raw wood assemblies.

Once applied, this treatment penetrates into the substrate and becomes part of the finish. Designed for interior use, the product is clear and has approximately the same viscosity as water. FireGuard XL-95 can be applied by spraying, brushing, or rolling, and has a coverage rate of 125 feet per gallon.

How FireGuard XL-95 Works to Provide a Fireproofing Solution for Wood

FireGuard XL-95 works by creating a blanket of inert gas over the treated surface when that surface is exposed to flames or intense heat. This inert gas prevents oxygen from being present on the treated surface; because there is no oxygen, flames cannot form or spread.

Where to Use FireGuard XL-95 as a Fire-Retardant Treatment

FireGuard XL-95 is formulated for raw wood applications and assemblies. It is ideal for use in residential, institutional, industrial, and commercial buildings and structures. Because the treatment is clear and is absorbed into the material, it is a perfect fireproofing solution for historical buildings or for preserving the design elements of any structure featuring raw wood.

Additionally, XL-95 can then be top-coated, stained, or coated with polyurethane (please see manufacturer’s guidelines for more information).