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    ForceField® FireGuard®

E-84 Intumescent Paint   





FireGuard® E-84 is a superior intumescent fire retardant coating that creates a thin film fire retardant and fire resistant barrier on a wide range of interior building surfaces. In the event of a fire, this product can prevent the spread of flames and reduce smoke levels to aid in the protection of life and property.

The stock color of the coating is off-white, however custom tinting can be made available subject to special order conditions.


When FireGuard® E-84 Intumescent Paint is exposed to heat generated by flames; it swells to form an insulating char barrier that fire cannot penetrate. Without a source of fuel, the fire is unable to spread. In addition to protecting from flame, this char barrier functions as an insulating blanket to help protect the underlying substrate from the intense heat of a fire, postponing (or preventing) ignition for up to two hours in some cases (ASTM E-119). Beyond preventing the spread of flames (Flame Spread Index = 5), with a Smoke Development Index = 5, FireGuard® E-84 can reduce the production of smoke (a leading cause of fire related fatalities).

Along with its life safety benefits, FireGuard® E-84 can protect the underlying substrate and significantly reduce fire restoration costs. In many cases the substrate will still be sound, allowing the charred foam to be simply scraped off, surfaces to be cleaned and/or repaired, and subsequently repainted.


FireGuard® E-84 can be applied in homes, multifamily residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional structures, either in the new construction phase, or during reconstruction projects. This thin film coating is effective on wood and wood composites such as oriented strand board, fiberglass, gypsum board, masonry, concrete, structural steel beams, steel pipe, and numerous other surfaces. FireGuard® E-84 is a non-toxic, water-based formulation that has been approved for use on specific interior surfaces only.

While the use of an airless sprayer is strongly recommended, FireGuard® E-84 may also be applied by brush or roller. If a certification of application is needed or required by governmental or regulatory agencies, or other parties, an ICC certified professional (or an outside independent testing agency with comparable certification that has been approved by the regulatory agency) MUST be contracted to verify that FireGuard® E-84 has been applied in a uniform manner with a proper thickness.

 Available in the Following RTU Sizes

      5 Gallon     55 Gallon       Tote



·   ATSM E-84 Class A & E84 Extended

        TEST STD: UL723 CLASS A

       NFPA STD: 255     UBC STD: 8.1

·  Flame Spread 5.49 10 Min., 8.40 30 Min. 

·  Smoke Index 5

·  ASTM E-119 2 Hour Small Scale Tested

        TEST STD: UL263 2 Hr. Wall

       NFPA STD: 251    UBC STD: 7.1

·  ASTM E-119 1 Hr. Floor/Ceiling

·  ASTM E-119 45 Min. Exposed Wood Rafter

·  Superior Intumescent Performance

·  Retards Flames & Reduces Smoke 

·  Water-Based Ease of Application & Clean-up

·  Durable Smooth Finish

·  Use on OSB, Fiberglass, Masonry, Gypsum Board, Concrete, and More      


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HMIS  Health: Fire: Reactivity: 0

Appearance: White to Off-White Liquid Emulsion

pH: 8  to 9

Odor: Mild and Slightly Acrylic

Solubility: Water Emulsifiable Liquid

Specific Gravity: 1.27 +/- 0.02  (10.58 lbs/gal)

Boiling Point: 100°C

Chemical Family: Acrylic Intumescent Paint

Storage: Above 0°C, Below 40°C, Out of Direct Sunlight

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children.

Regulatory: (Not DOT Regulated)

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes.

Coverage: 86.6 Square Feet/Gallon (at 10 mil Application) Caution: Avoid Breathing Mists, Spray, or Dust from Sanding
Spread Rate: 15 mils Wet (Yields 8 mil Dry Coating) % Solids (by Volume):  51.2%
Dry Time (@77°F, 50% RH): 30 min. to Touch,  1-2 hr. to Handle,  2-4 hr. to Re-coat

% Solids (by Weight):  62.0%



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Printable pdf TDS E84 (Click Here)

Printable pdf TDS E84 Steel (Click Here)

Printable pdf TDS E84 Gypsum/wood (Click Here)